Sep 132013

Ingress Scanner App

Good afternoon, Ingress Agents. My name is Mustafa Said and this is Mustafa’s Musings of the Day. This is a brand new, daily…thing in which i post up a thought that sparks my curiosity. I then open up the floodgates to allow mass discussion among Ingress Agents and truth-seekers.

Today’s Musing is over The Ingress Scanner App itself. At the surface, it’s being marketed as a game by Google’s Niantic Labs. But we know better; don’t we?

We know that the Ingress scanner app is actually leaked technology from the Niantic Project, capable of giving us regular citizens the capabilities to interact with and utilize XM.  First of all, who leaked the tech on the Play Store? We’ve learned quite a lot during this investigation but that question is one of several still remaining unanswered. We know that Ben Jackland, an ordinary person, had the first scanner that belonged to Devra Bogdanovich; but we know nothing more than that. We don’t know how or why it ended up on the Play Store nor do we know who was responsible for doing so. Also, the growing fear of the app suddenly getting shut down has me worried.

What forces are working behind the scenes to keep the Ingress scanner app online?
How has the app managed to stay online despite attempts to keep it under wraps: Secrets – Niantic Project.

Finally, we know nothing about the people subjected underneath the control fields we make. What is going on inside of an Enlightened control field? Do control fields affect creativity?

Please share and discuss your opinions down below in the comments.
Until next time, Good Luck in the field, Ingress Agents.

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