Jul 032013

Ingress Alien Influence Agent Powin

Hello again, ingress agent Powin here. While I didn’t play any the week before last or really any this last week I did go out this Sunday.  Then after fighting off the Ingress alien influence I went and helped in the search for them by using my computer’s down time to contribute to SETI@Home.

On Sunday, I decided since the weather was actually cool outside I would go to downtown. Downtown was kind of dead on a Sunday evening, I was not surprised of course since this is fairly normal. I destroyed 2 enemy portals and then fully deployed them afterwards. One of the portals had two links and a field that I took down as well. I did a bunch of hacking on enemy and friendly portals trying to gather supplies so I ended up burning out several portals. Afterwards, I also finished deploying to 3 or 4 friendly portals and found 2 unclaimed ones.

In total I walked 1.9miles in 58 minutes, started the day with a little over 150k ap and ended up with 170k ap. So around a 20k gain not to bad for 1 hour.

Later that evening I signed up for the SETI@Home project which is on “boinc” a distributed computer network that allows projects of your choosing to use your computer resources that you aren’t using to process data they need crunched. Basically right now for this project they are just going over a lot of radio spectrum looking for non naturally occurring things happening in the EM wavelengths, and then investigating it more if something is found. They don’t have the CPU/GPU resources to processor all the data and this is a way I feel I can help out.

So in Ingress I am fighting an alien influence but irl I am helping in the search for them.

Well Monday I weighed in at 288 haven’t lost any more weight sadly.  Hopefully I can break 285 this next week/weekend.

This is ingress agent Powin, signing off.

Remember to resist the light!!


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  1. Good luck with the weight loss! Also hoping to loose some and playing makes it more fun/interesting/

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