Jun 212013

New Ingress Agent Yioishi

Greetings Fellow Agents.  I’ll start by saying hello, my name is Emiel.  In the world that is Ingress, I’m known as Agent Yioishi. I’m a new Ingress agent here and plan on adding some content to Ingress Guide when I can.

As I’m writing this post for IngressGuide.com, I’m realising that this is my first post as a blogger.  Ever.  Sure, I have created my own web pages and posted a lot of things there, but I’ve never had any visitors…

Some information about me, I live in the Netherlands, in a big city.  I am a young man, as I am 22 years of age.

One of my hobbies, of course, is playing Ingress and I hope I can give you some valuable information in the near future that you can use to get to level 8 fast and build stronger portals with your fellow agents.

In Ingress I am currently level 5 and closing in quickly on level 6. I have been playing ingress for 8 or 9 days, now.  My first real content here on Ingress Guide is some Hints on Power Leveling in Ingress.

So much for my introduction. I wish you all a great hunt for portals and a good night!

Agent Yioishi, signing out!

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