Jun 202013

Powin's Invite to Play Ingress Giveaway

Recently all active agents were given 5 additional Ingress invites for them to invite their friends to play with them.  Agent Powin has decided to give those Ingress Invites away here and wants to give you a chance to win an invite to play Ingress with him.  

Agent Powin will be giving away 3 Ingress invites through RaffleCopter.  Once winners are selected and validated they will receive an email to confirm their email address that they want invited and then will receive an invite from Agent Powin himself.   Now is the perfect time to get into playing Ingress.  Over the last week they have given these mass invites out which will add an influx of new players as well as going through and mass approving many portals in order to add new low level for these players to find and explore.

Invite To Play Ingress Contest Details:

The contest will run through RaffleCopter as all our previous ones have.  We will be validating and verifying our winners that all of their entries are valid and they aren’t trying to cheat, so please be honest don’t try to cheat.

If you don’t have Twitter but follow us on Google+ Just put “Google+” in place of your Twitter Username and we’ll verify your name on Google+.  Please make sure that the name you use on RaffleCotper matches your name on Google+.

For “Tweet about this contest” all you have to do is publicly post with a link to this contest somewhere on the web and provide us a publicly accessible URL in the tweet URL field.  This needs to be a different location that used in the “Link to our website” entry.

The Contest will be running until next Thursday night at midnight (EST) with winners being announced the morning of Friday, June 28th.

Good luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  3 Responses to “Win an Invite to Play Ingress from Agent Powin”

  1. I think i should get a code beavuse i have been waiting monts to play and i am very chubby.

  2. My brother wants a code too he is theflyinpanzer

  3. Hook me up. I need the exercise

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