Jun 182013

Agent Powin - Rainy Ingress Day - Level 5

Hello Again, Ingress agent Powin here. Unfortunately, I was tied up a lot this last week and the weekend before that, so I was sadly not able to go out and play Ingress.  When I did manage to get out and play I was met with a very rainy Ingress day.  

This last week was semi hectic with jury duty and it being so hot outside. At one point during the week it got up to 106 outside. I also regained some weight as I got back up to 290 at one point, which could likely be attributed to being stuck in a courthouse for the majority of the week. Then on Friday I went to the lake to swim with a friend which was fun and some decent exercise too, so can’t beat that. Saturday I had to work on my car. I changed the flex disc, or Guibo as bmw calls it, and put the exhaust back on my car. While i’m glad that’s done, I didn’t really feel like playing Ingress on Saturday.

However this last Sunday I did go out and play. I started with around 136k AP and at first I was just driving around because it was raining a lot. My goal during the rain was mainly to just hack things trying to gather resources since I was low on bursters, as I found out when I tried to take a portal near my house. After hacking a few portals I drove downtown. There I noticed it wasn’t raining so I would get out of my car to mess with a portal or two then go back and drive to the next cluster and so on.  Didn’t spend a lot of time out of my car as I didn’t want to risk getting caught in the rain if the clouds above decided to open up.

Doing all this I did walk about half of a mile, finished deploying 3 friendly portals that were not fully deployed to, blew up 3 enemy portals and captured and fully deployed them. I also found one unclaimed portal that I capped and fully deployed. Ended Sunday with 151,938 AP and I am now level 5.

Monday morning I weighed in at 290 pounds so not any weight loss as I would have hoped but there is always next week.  Until then remember to resist the light!!

This is Ingress Agent Powin signing off!


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