Jun 042013

Ingress Agent Powin Plane Watching

Ingress agent Powin here and once again I wasn’t able to go out this weekend due to weather. So I did a lot of flights in my flight sim with my squadron.  Then Monday morning I weighed in at 286 pounds and got to work on Ingress.

Monday afternoon I decided to roll downtown and walk around and capture some portals. I do as I normally do, I park and get out of my car and begin to walk up to a portal near where I park. As I am destroying this enemy portal and fully deploying to it I hear something. So I look up and see a WWII bomber (What I think is a b17 but would have to look into it to be sure) was flying over downtown. It is one of those planes that gives rides for the right price Right after it did a few laps two f-16s flew overhead. That was pretty cool since i’m into planes especially the military variety.  So I stopped to gawk for awhile and then went on my way.

Afterwards I ended up destroying 6 enemy portals and claiming and fully deploying to them, destroying one link in the process. I also ran across 3 unclaimed portals so I nabbed them and fully deployed to them. Did a lot of hacking and walking in the process to replenish my item stocks and XM.

At the start of the day I had 117k AP. Over the course of the day I walked 2.2 miles and ended up with 135,500 AP, putting me ever so close to level 5.  I also got to do some plane watching seeing some cool planes fly around the downtown area.

In the realm of weight loss while I didn’t do much walking this weekend I did weigh myself this morning coming in at 285.2 lbs.   So I’m doing a good job of keeping the weight off and slowly working on losing more.

Well I guess that’s it for this week. Remember to resist the light.  VIVA LA RESISTANCE.

Signing off,

Ingress Agent Powin


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