May 292013

Agent Powin 117k AP

Hello Everyone, Ingress Agent Powin, checking in. This report will be short as I didn’t get to play much Ingress this last week due to rain and bad weather off and on. Then I also was not feeling that great all weekend which is when the weather finally cleared up. So my goals for playing Ingress and losing weight this week were not met.

Started with just a little over 108k AP on Friday and ended up making somewhere between 100-300 AP just stopping to recharge what I saw while driving on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I never saw any enemy portals so wasn’t able to get much in the way of AP. However, on Monday I did go out alittle bit more and drove around specifically to go blow up a few things. I destroyed 2 enemy portals and claimed/fully deployed to them. Then I blew up some resonators on enemy portals here and there, destroying around 15 lvl2-5 resonators across a few different portals.

I did manage to destroy some links and take down 1 field in the process of all this though. I ended up with 117k AP by the end of Monday, so I had a gain of around 9k AP from the start of Friday. I didn’t do as much walking as I should have because I drove mainly to different portals off on their own. During my first portal hacking I dropped a couple of bursters and then noticed that the portal became unclaimed.  To my surprise agent cmb32004 from last week had randomly pulled in behind me and dropped a L8 burster. There was an awkward stare at first before we realized we knew each other.

Not a horrible gain for one day of heavy playing but not where I would have liked to have been. I also weighed in at 288 pounds Monday. So I am still not losing weight as fast as I would like, but hopefully by the end of this week,  or sometime during it, I can hit below 285.  So far I have yet to hit below 288 so the good news is that I am not gaining back any weight that i’ve lost. Until next week.

Signing off,

Ingress Agent Powin

  2 Responses to “Losing Weight and Playing Ingress – Part 4”

  1. Hey, i just saw your Losing Weight Efforts with Ingress. Keep it up but don`t Overpower. The most important thing is to change your eating/drinking behaviour. Less Pizza, Chips, Cola, more Water and smaller Portions. Together with regular Ingressplaying and Movement it will improve by itself over time.

    I am 191cm tall and my weight was 128 kg in Januar. Just with better eating behaviour und daily Ingress ( About 5-6km ) i lost over 20kg until now.
    I know it is hard, very hard, but you will love the new feeling with less weight 🙂

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