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Powin Level 4 | 5-18-2013

Agent Powin here again, It’s time to get into last Saturday’s events. My city weapon freed the L8’s meaning they could blow up anything and everything that was green in order to turn the city blue. Normally they ask the L8’s to take it easy, since they only take the ap away from those of us trying to level when they just destroy everything and cap it all. But Saturday was a weapons free day so the carnage began and I got a great opportunity for leveling and learning Ingress better.

I was lucky enough to meet up with a fellow resistance member who happened to be a L8. We started off in one suburb that had already been converted to blue just driving by hacking all the portals to gather supplies. We then moved to a group of about 8 green portals and he had me blow up some of the low level resonators. Then he came in and dropped a couple of L8 bursters and blew everything else up. He then had me cap and fully deploy all the portals to maximize my ap gain and afterwards he went back in and upgraded them as much as he could.

So after we claimed all the portals in this spot for our own, we began to make small fields with them. At first just minor fields to connect all the close portals and maximize my ap gain by making as many fields as possible with them. But we didn’t stop there.

From there, we drove further out a few miles to try and form some bigger fields. The largest field we made was over 3k MU. We also made one 2k MU field, two 1k MU fields, and several smaller fields under 1k MU. I started the day with around 50,600 AP and I ended up with 108,247 AP a gain of over 50k AP. Thank you so much for the power level agent cmb32004.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do much walking Saturday. We did walk maybe .3-.4 of a mile while capping a bunch of portals in a shopping center; but mostly driving due to the fact we had to travel further to cap the stuff we were going after. Then Sunday was uneventful, I slept in and didn’t do much. I was up late flying on my flight sim with my squadron so I didn’t play any Ingress all day sadly.

I had a lot of fun Friday and especially Saturday getting to meet up with a fellow player (agent cmb32004) and hearing some of the stories from the past about Ingress as he helped me level. I learned a lot more about the game and also gained about 71k AP and ended at 1/4th of the way into Level 4. Monday morning I weighed 288 pounds. Which wasn’t as much weight lost this week, but I am building up stamina, because my legs didn’t hurt as much as they did last weekend.

This is Ingress Agent Powin signing off until next week, and remember to resist the light.


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  1. agent powin has too much time on his hands.

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