May 212013


Hello again, Ingress Agent Powin here. Well this last weekend I had lots of fun playing Ingress.  On Friday, a friend and I spent a good deal of time downtown playing Ingress and exploring things that we never would have if it wasn’t for Ingress.

My week started on a good note as I weighed in at 289 lbs last Tuesday.  However, I spent most of my week studying and flying with my squadron on my flight sim. On Friday I went out again to play some Ingress again and me and my friend decided to head downtown for a few hours. Came to find out my city is currently having an event downtown called Mayfest. It is a cultural arts fest which means lots of drinking and music goin on.

We spent the first 50 minutes walking around hacking portals and I also blew up 2 portals and then capped them. In that 50 mins we walked 1.43 miles. After taking a lunch break we set back out and did some more hacking. We found 4 unclaimed portals so we captured them and fully deployed them. While walking around we discovered a portal at the local library.  I asked my friend if he wanted to stop by the library and check out some microfilm newspaper stuff. So we went into the library and decided to check out the local newspaper on our birthdays. Looking back into the past shows some things haven’t changed a lot. However, If I hadn’t been playing Ingress downtown, I would have not thought to go into library and check out the microfilm. Just another side benefit of being involved with this game.

We spent another 1 hour and 55 minutes walking around downtown on Friday and did another 2.9 miles. I started Friday with a little over 31,000 AP and ended up with 50,504 AP after a little over 3 hours total in downtown where we walked 4.33 miles.

One thing that I wish there was more bands on the many stages at Mayfest. Unfortunately, they were still setting up for the evening shows when we were there. Sadly, we were there too early to hear the music.

All in all it ended up not being a bad day as I made 20k AP and got some exercise.  I also got an opportunity to check out our library.  I will be following up this post with another post on Thursday detailing my exploits for the remainder of the weekend until then this is Ingress Agent Powin signing off.

Remember to resist the light. VIVA LA RESISTANCE!

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