Feb 262013

All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy

You might have noticed that there has not been much in the way of new updates or contests on Ingress Guide over the last few weeks.  Well it’s not often that these type of ‘Website’ blog posts are made but this one should explain the lack of updates and will hopefully also serve as a sort of introduction and plea for assistance.  

So here goes: My name is Michael and I am the man behind the scenes at Ingress Guide.   I’ve been playing Ingress since the day it went into a public beta and created this website the weekend after I started playing to try and offer a Guide to those who are playing or wanting to play on how the game works and the mechanics behind it.

The problem comes into play is that I work full time as a Software Engineer and on top of that I also have several side projects (besides this one) that demand my time.  Due to work load recently I have been unable to keep up with getting content onto this site and I feel like i’m falling behind on being able to keep content relevant, useful and competitive. I wish I could as I have a lot of great ideas and a lot of information I would like to pass along, but don’t have the time to accomplish those tasks.  Also have some more activation codes to give away but want more content updated on the site as well as to have creative ways to give those codes away.

Now here is where the plea for help comes in.  As I’ve mentioned already I don’t have the time to update all the content that I would like to so I am looking for some help with this task.  In the past I have had assistance with content for the site, but unfortunately that has dried up so I’m looking for one or more dedicated individuals who are willing to help supply content.   This will no be an uncompensated activity though.  While this site doesn’t bring in much revenue, it does bring in some and either a revenue share or type of sponsorship deal can be arranged.

If I can not find assistance in getting the content of Ingress Guide updated more frequently then there is not much else I can do but leave the site as it is and update it when I can.

  3 Responses to “All Work and No Play…”

  1. I Might be interested in this.

  2. Hi Michael, I’m unable to help with content at the moment (I came to your site looking for an activation code) but if you offer a code I’m willing to assist financially. Thanks

  3. I just really want a code so I can play with my friends I’d be sad if the site can’t produce them anymore and my friends get to play all they want

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