Jan 302013

Ingres Activation Code Email

So we’ve been working this morning on picking our contest winner and have been going through verifying the random picks.  In doing so we found a lot of people were not quite following the rules.  

  • We picked a winner who once we investigated entered under multiple email addresses.
  • We picked a winner who picked for content submission entry but then never submitted content to us.
  • We picked a winner who ‘submitted a link to the site’ but didn’t show prof that they linked back to the site.

In the end the winner we picked had a total of two entries into the contest and both were verified.

So congratulations Kat P, we’ll be sending you an activation code later today.

If you didn’t win this time around we’ll be giving away another code late this week or early next week through another decoding contest.

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  11 Responses to “Our Giveaway Winner and The Almost Winners”

  1. solicito el codigo de acceso

  2. fk you ingress i’m uninstalling this app and never installing it again i have to get some stupid activation for this piece of shit.

  3. Please send invitation code

  4. No co mm ent

  5. Cidigo dexacceso

  6. please give me invitation code

  7. i want an activation code too

  8. Agent to be inn waiting. Let me at them.

  9. Invitation code please

  10. Would love to play this game epecially as I travel quite a bit around the U.S.
    Would you please send an activation code?

  11. Still waiting for my activation code, but ready when you are.

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