Jan 242013

With our poll ending and the results being announced we had to come up with the perfect way to incorporate the winning choice (Decoding Puzzle) into something that is fun  but yet challenging.   So with that in mind at 3pm CST (9pm UTC) today a post will be up that will contain several hidden clues as well as a decoding puzzle that will start you on your journey.  

The exact length of this journey is uncertain but it will contain different decoding puzzles, riddles and even some searching.  With the end result being an Activation Code to get you or a friend into the Ingress Beta.

We hope that everyone enjoys this as much as we enjoyed creating it and that it may help introduce some new people to the world of decoding.

For those of you who have no desire to do any decoding tomorrow we’re going to be starting up another RaffleCopter giveaway for another code.

Good luck to everyone participating.

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  1. Great!!!

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