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Encoded Activation Code

So we posted an image on Monday that contained an activation code for Ingress encoded in it with some hints on how to decode it.  Based on some feedback we don’t feel that anyone has uncovered the activation code so we’ve made some improvements and made it easier with the hope of making it slightly easier to figure out.

We’ve removed one level of difficulty to the decoding as well as changed the font to Comic Sans so it’s easier to differentiate Ls from Is from 1s.

And to help speed things along here are a few hints:

  • As noted by some people this does use Base64 Encoding
  • The numbers at the top of the image are important
  • This activation code is 8 Alpha Characters (no numeric)
  • The final code is protected by a cipher

Also if you have problems pulling the text out of the image and want to cheat then we’re going to put the raw text here:


  12 Responses to “Encoded in this Image is an Ingress Activation Code”

  1. The text states:

    The cipher is for one binary and then Speach for Letters.

    Should be DGCUIDGN, but it doesn’t work. Maybe someone used it already.

  2. Give a normal activation code!!
    Jesus christ !!

    • We do give out quite a few ‘normal’ activation codes. Check out our other contests as well as our ongoing ones.

  3. I like that you guys are trying hard to get the people that want an activation code involved in the types of ciphers that they may encounter in game, but the one glaring problem I have with everything as a whole (not your site, contests, or anything particular, just everything) is that listening to the subreddit for ingress, and the people already involved in the beta on plus seems to point to the notion that there is not much to do once a person hits level 8 (whatever this means) and that there is not much room for levelling for newcomers because high level players can “lock down” portals and the new players can’t really do anything about it, and even the high level player’s own team mates suffer. I personally have been trying to get an invite via the available channels (artistic efforts, sign up on the sites, coming here and trying to decipher things like this which I don’t comprehend, hoping to be lucky enough to get a lottery draw here) to no avail. Now, hearing the things I have from people already in game about not having many options to progress and not having much of an endgame it seems a bit discouraging.

    Just thought I would share my view from the outside looking in to what I was really looking forward to in the beginning. I would love to hear what others have to say, or even the opinions of administrators of this site. Am I way off base, or is it at this time better to just wait out the opening of the game?

    • You are absolutely right.

      The important thing to note here that this is a beta. Not only that, but it’s the first Game ever created by Google. There is going to be a learning curve, but with Google (and their budget) at the helm it should be promising.

      Pretty much everything you have mention here is stuff that we have passed on to Google in order to hopefully get resolution to. Before the game goes live hopefully we’ll see more things added to it in order to balance it out. Time will tell though.

      • Thank you for your straight shot answer and not some fluffy “It’s great when you get in, just wait”. I really do appreciate the honesty. I’d like to participate to see what all the fuss is about, but knowing that what I have heard is actually true and if I actually got a code now would probably throw me into a game that seems not too fun (I live in a metropolitan area that seems to have a fair amount of people in it at relatively high levels), I am at least a little relieved.

        The game seems like it has the attention of the early adopters, and it seems like a really great premise, but if it’s just going to be a big headache that makes me want to quit and never pick it up again at this point, I would rather just wait it out until they have it hammered out and open.

        Unfortunately, I read somewhere that it was only going to last about a year or something making it fairly closed ended so maybe I’ll take a pass and try to get in on their next endeavour (you and I know there will be more) when they have gone through the learning process with this.

        • The story line of Niantic Project is only slated right now to last a year and a half. Ingress as a game will likely stick around past that but without all the updates.

          However, I’m sure if it’s successful they will keep the ARG going and thus keep the blood pumping in Ingress.

          The problem is for people who don’t want to invest a lot of time. If you live in a good sized metropolitan area you can spend some time and find some portals that are low enough level or unclaimed to start leveling up. If you are also patient you can level solely from hacking enemy portals. It would take a long time but it is possible. it’s not meant to be a game for hard core players. If you are going to play it hard core that’s great, but what’s the point? You’re going to end up spending a ton of money on gas and lots of wear and tear on your car.

          General rule of thumb I try and suggest to players is don’t go to far out of your way to play Ingress, you’ll either burn out fast or end up spending a lot of extra time/money that you don’t need to. If you need to go shopping try and go to a shopping area that has portals. Take your kids to the Library and Hack while they look at books. Waiting in line at the Post Office? Hack it! You can still cause a lot of damage and level by playing casually and starting whenever, just have to use strategy.

          • Well then it seems like it would suit me well where I am. But, the whole no invite, not ever being able to dedicate myself to puzzling out ciphers, not being able to get in the game situation just leaves that taste of not being invited to the party. Well, whatever will be will be I suppose.

  4. I’d just like to reassure those still to get an activation code that I am a new player where I stay. The players here are frequently chatting with each other and the players of higher levels are helping teach new comers how best to play and aiding them in taking portals down and setting up fields. It really doeant take long to level up when you put the effort in so hold in there and embrace it when your calling comes.Viva la resistance.

  5. Please I need a activation code. My dad and all his friends play and I’d like to help out, please. If anything email me at mcrieljr@gmail.com

  6. I have been following the ingress scene for 4 months now. I have uploaded artwork and registered my email on the website but still had no invite or access code…. im getting desperate to get involved and would love some advice as to what else I can do!

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