Dec 182012

So to say that we’ve been overwhelmed with the last few contest results would be under stating it.   We’ve been so impressed that we’re giving away more codes to two lucky people this Friday (12/21/2012) just in time for the Holidays.  If you win you just have to hope that you get to play before the world ends and have some vacation time left.

As with all our contests we are pretty open to how you enter if you don’t have Twitter we still want you to be able to have a chance to enter.

Don’t have Twitter? If you don’t have Twitter but follow us on Google+ Just put “Google+” in place of your Twitter Username and we’ll verify if you are picked as a winner.  Please make sure that the name you use matches your name on Google+.  Also for the “Tweet about this contest” all you have to do is publicly post about the contest with a link to it somewhere on the web and provide us a link in the tweet URL field.

We will be verifying all winners, so make sure you fill out all the information and do what is asked.

If you are already playing Ingress and want an opportunity for you to earn an invite for your friend by helping supply us with the best Ingress content.

Also make sure you check back everyday as some entries can be done daily and before this contest is over we’ll be releasing other ways that we’ll be giving activation codes and invites away.

Good Luck

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  49 Responses to “Time For More Ingress Players for The Holidays”

  1. This looks like it has a new and fun kinda gameplay. Interesting concept.

  2. Lets go… i need invites for make a resistance strong in Brazil!

  3. The possibility to play an MMORPG in the real world is simply the best idea ever seen

  4. More Ingress is always nice.

    I hope it gets more activity in my country soon!

  5. I wish hack some portals and send some new to register them

  6. Give me an invite!

  7. I cant wait to get an Ingress invite, seems like the best game ever!!!!

  8. Enlightened reinforcements are needed!

  9. I put the wrong url in my tweet entry here is the correct url….

  10. I want to play, just to see how Google thinks we should play

  11. Count me in.

  12. It’s too bad that there won’t be much time left to play the game… I mean, what’s Ingress without the world?

  13. I’m intrested in playing this game it looks so fun and detailed unlike other game out there andi’m really hoping that I win so please pick me

  14. Ingress is the type of game that I’ve been looking forward to for a while. I love that it utilizes the entire world as the map for the game. Augmented Reality Games are definitely becoming very prominent and I can see them continuing to thrive in the future.

  15. I want to play Ingress to share it with friends and colleagues!

  16. Hi I have been trying to get an Ingress Invite for some time now without any luck, until now, the is the best website for those eager to join and live out the Ingress experience.
    And since it’s christmas I could hope for that present that I have been waiting for since setember, an INGREES INVITE.

  17. HI!

    I would love to play Ingress, because it is the concept seems so beautiful. I usually do not play games on my phones / tablets but i would love to give this a shot.
    I also like the social aspect of this, to meet up IRL which happens far to little in our world right now.
    that´s why i would love to play ingress.

    my best

  18. What intersted me most about Ingress is seeing my boyfriend and some other friend having a lot of fun! I’d love to go out there and help them, and be part of the community.

  19. awesome game

  20. Interested in seeing how this works. It will hopefully be awesome

  21. I love how augmented reality games are changing the way we deal with everyday life! I would much rather go out and about while playing rather then sit inside all day on my butt.

  22. I’d like help to Ingress community in Czech Republic.

  23. I want to join the Resistance!

  24. I, I, I, I, INGRES!

  25. END OF THE WORLD #RESISTANCE PARTY! My roommate has been waiting patiently and still hasn’t got an invite. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer!

  26. A friend of mine just got its invite : we really do want to try it together :/

  27. Amazing game will make me want to go outside. Some dates might get a little awkward though but you know you gotta do what you gotta do. CAPTURE THE PORTAL.

  28. Cant wait to play. Looks like so much fun.

  29. I have always liked trying new types of games and have always wanted to play an immersive reality game!

  30. I want a code.

  31. l Wiss u all good luck

  32. I’m so excited, want to jump into the action!

  33. Lets see how infected Washington is haha..

  34. Come on Holiday gods! I want to join this awesome Beta!

  35. I can’t wait to collaborate with all my enlightened friends!

  36. I think that since you have to work for the invites makes the game that much for interesting for you to get into it.

  37. Can’t wait to play and help friends

  38. Cant wait to be able to play. I’m so intrigued by the entire dynamic of this game. I’m certain theres not a lot of players where I live, so I’ll be very useful for capturing portals.

  39. Ingress invite? Better than sex.

  40. i want to play that interesting game

  41. Google its making GAMES now? This will be unreal.

  42. it seems there only a very very few people who know Ingress in my country, Indonesia…
    i hope i can be one of them…

  43. lets link up some portals.

  44. Can’t wait to play, so want an Ingress invite!

  45. Please invite

  46. Neeed invite please!!!!!!!

  47. Please invite

  48. Looking forward to an invite, 🙂 Just got a new Samsung Galaxy 3 and looking for a great game to play…. It would be a great Christmas Gift <3

  49. invite me please !! (abdul3zyz)

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