Dec 062012

We’ve worked very hard and managed to get Two more of these Ingress Activation Codes to give away.   The contest will be running through tomorrow and the Weekend and will end at midnight Monday with the winners being announced Monday Morning (12/10/2012). 

Make sure that you haven’t already sign up for an invite at and/or

Don’t have Twitter? If you don’t have Twitter but follow us on Google+ Just put “Google+” in place of your Twitter Username and we’ll verify if you are picked as a winner.  Please make sure that the name you use matches your name on Google+.  Also for the “Tweet about this contest” all you have to do is publicly post about the contest with a link to it somewhere on the web and provide us a link in the tweet URL field.

We will be verifying all winners, so make sure you fill out all the information and do what is asked.

The Tweet about this contest can be done once each day of the contest so make sure you come back tomorrow and each day this weekend.  Also pay close attention to our social feeds as we will be giving away more codes this weekend and next week outside of this contest.

Good Luck

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  51 Responses to “Two Ingress Activation Codes to Give Away”

  1. I need an invite!

  2. Hi, i’m really interested to give this activation code because i do a lot of attemps in google+ without a positive result.
    I’m obsesed with Ingress

  3. Been interested in playing this game just to see what sort of game Google can do, and to play a game which is like nothing else

  4. Please give me an invite

  5. Wow, I am so bugged by the wait 😉 Typical me though … I was the same way about G+!

  6. I need an invite so much ç_ç

  7. Heard about this from a from already playing. Very interested in the type of game this is

  8. I’m very anxious to get an activation code. Ingress ftw

  9. I’m interested in playing Ingress because I like how you have to be interactive with it. Plus you can see a new way to the world and can really open your eyes to a lot that is around us which some people need.

  10. I am so excited about this game. I have been waiting for an activation code for a while. I want to be a part of this interesting social game.

  11. Follow them on google plus and get in on the contest!! Ive been waiting awhile for an invite.

  12. Ingress interests me because it combines government conspiracy (yes, I was an X Files fan) and augmented reality… seriously, what could be cooler!

  13. I want this ingress invite because my city seems to be overrun with enlightened! If the shapers want to interact with us they should come bloody meet us! Resist until then!

  14. Resistance needs me !!

  15. I´m looking forward to get invitation 🙂

  16. I think it is the best game of all the time.

  17. Thanks for this giveaway 🙂

  18. I’ve lost so much sleep over trying to get an invite code. I should probably get use to it because once i get an invite code I’ll never sleep!

  19. So are there other chicks who are playing this game?

  20. Please give me an invite code!
    I really want to play this game!!

  21. Please please please

  22. We could use reinforcements here.

  23. Reall looking forward to Real World gaming!

  24. Can’t wait to play #Ingress. Need to get the project started here in eastern Washington.

  25. I am most interested to see who around me is playing!

  26. I like to get an invite so badly. 🙂

  27. Invite please!!! Would like to play before the May
    ans come!

  28. its amazing..
    I can’t wait to get activation code..

  29. Excellent news on the giveaway!

  30. do want 🙂

  31. Fingers crossed. Tokyo will be enlightened

  32. Please give me an activation code thanks 🙂

    Had been waiting quite sometime for the code but not even a single email was sent regarding Ingress. So, i hope this page helps! 🙂

  33. Ingress! Ingress! Ingress! Ingress! Ingress!

  34. I would like an invite! Looks like the first augmented reality game to really nail it!

  35. Ingress was mentioned in an XKCD comic. I linked to the Wikipedia page, and was hooked before I finished the article. It’s such an innovative concept!

  36. I need an invite!

  37. need an activation code for this game already :DD

  38. The light ist comming

  39. My husband wants me to join the resistance with him. I need an invite to do so.

  40. Enlightened in Czech Repuublic needs me!

  41. I’d like a Ingress code!

  42. This game makes you wonder about your true nature, are you enlightened or are you resistance? What is your strenght, do you take the jump and are willing to take chances and make mistakes? Or are you one of the more stabilized people that are not that into change?

    Do you resist the new order, or do you accept it as the future?
    The future isnt near, the future started yesterday.

    And I am missing out, i need an invite. I want to take the jump and become enlightened.

  43. Thanks for the competition 🙂

  44. What I am going to enjoy the most is finding out who plays around me, the portals I’m close too, and losing 10 lbs!

  45. I’m leaving a comment for an activation code. My wife and I are REALLY hoping to be able to play over the winter break from school!

  46. I have been trieng to get an ingress invite for 3 weeks, please I’ve asked Santa for one but doesn’t know how to make them.

  47. Quero muuuito um convite para o ingress

  48. I really need an ingress invite. Been waiting for too long.

  49. I’ve been waiting for 3 months code. I want it!

  50. Invitation please

  51. Invite me please

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