Nov 292012

Ingress is a brand new augmented reality game created by Google.  You heard that right, Google.  The Search/Advertisement giant has now thrown itself into the ring of gaming, and so far it’s doing a fantastic job. An Android based game, Ingress aims to get you out of your house and out into the wild looking for portals are historic landmarks and public facilities.  Never again will you be so excited and willing to take the kids to the library or go wait in line at the post office.

Ingress pits two factions against each other.  The Enlightened, who accept the Shapers influence on the world and wish to expand it.  And The Resistance, who do not believe that the Shapers have the best interest of mankind in their sights and fight to keep the world as it is.  The storyline behind these two factions and what is going on behind the scenes is what makes this truly an Augmented reality game.   Continually expanding the storyline day by day as part of the Niantic Project.

What sets this game apart is that your gaming world is truly the world around you.  The entire planet is your board and you can play with anyone in it.   In order to do anything in the game you have to get up and go outside as that’s where all the portals are.  You hack and capture portals and then attack opposing faction’s portals.  You gain action points, much like experience, for a vast majority of the actions you do which increases your level and the level of items you can use.

Google has really outdone itself this time around and this game will drastically change the way some people think of gaming.  While other gaming mediums have found ways for you to get up and move around while you’re gaming none have yet gotten you to go outside and go to the Library or other historical locations.

Right now Ingress is invite only and invites are at random from people who have signed up on or  There is no way for another player to invite other players to the game unless given that privilege by the Niantic Labs people at Google.  We hope to get some invite privilege soon so that we can give away more activation codes and get more people playing.

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  1. I don’t see my country listed on the map. I live in Uruguay; if I get an invite, will I be able to play in here?

    • Si, pero quizas con muy pocos portales. En Chile hay unos 50, pero se van abriendo nuevos portales con el paso del tiempo.

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