Nov 262012

Are you still just waiting at your computer for an Ingress Invite? Well there are several things you can do to try and earn your own invite/activation code. There are several Google (Niantic Labs @ Google) employees who are actively participating on Google+ and who are either randomly posting activation codes to be snatched up by the first person to enter them in or giving away invites
First step is to add one or all 4 of these people/groups into your circles on Google+:

While making sure you keep their posts fresh in your feed, as the activation codes are first come first serve you should also work on some creative artwork that uses the Ingress or Niantic Project in some manner.

If you post a piece of custom artwork make sure you share it with +Ingress and also tag the post with #Ingress and #IngressInvite.

We currently don’t have any more Activation Codes to give away ourselves, but hopefully we will again soon.

  8 Responses to “Still Waiting for an Ingress Invite? (Updated 12/3)”

  1. I’m really interested these kind of things/games.

  2. When I found this was like wow. Thank you for putting your effort in publishing this post.

  3. I think that was amazing game…

  4. im waiting over 2 moths for invite and still didnt got it

  5. there is goiing to be a raffle of a ingress invite code in gentle pixel page on facebook there are a few people who subscribed so good luck

  6. Aww… I’m going to draw something, maybe they’ll give me this code..
    I want to play so bad, I love that kind of games!
    But I still have to wait and waait, and there is no-one who’ll give me code. ;_;

  7. Please help! How does a code look? Because I got a private message saying thanks for commenting on a post, with a string of numbers and a word in-between them at the end. (I’m following Niantic because I play the Endgame ARG so I don’t know what to do with codes in Niantic yet *^_^*)

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