Nov 222012

Soon 4 more people will be able to see the images above on there phone for we have picked and sent out emails with Ingress activation codes to 4 lucky winners.  And those winners are:

Juni for Subscribing to our RSS Feed

Aytakin for leaving a blog comment

Ziya for tweeting about the contest

and Finally Ron for tweeting about the contest.


Congratulations to the 4 winners and good luck fighting for control of your hometown.

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  18 Responses to “Second Ingress Activation Code Winners Are”

  1. Got my code – thanks a lot guys =)

  2. If you happen to have any spare codes…I’ll be happy to take one off your hands!

  3. i subscribed , liked , follow , tell a freinds abt that awesome project on facebook , shares link of this gr8 thing
    bt still i dsn’t got the CoDE…..:-$

  4. im still not sure what this is but it looks super interesting! plz may i have an activation code! im dying to see!

  5. Please, please pass me an activation code, so I can start wandering around Amsterdam looking for portals 😎

  6. seems a good site for ingress sharing. Im also waiting for my activation code

  7. helppp activation code !!!!!!!!!

  8. Still waiting for code. Would appreciate one please and thanks. I’ve liked on FB,can’t wait to play

  9. :/ I don’t even know if I should even try a bunch of things…. I always have bad luck with this kinda “lotto” stuff :(((

    summary: Bad luck Brian will get code b4 me.

  10. helppp activation code !

  11. this is F awesome. i need one activation code too.

  12. Please give me activation code…

  13. Lucky me. I didn’t even have to wait two days for an invite.

  14. Please help me get a code. I’m at level 9 almost a 10, and never had a code. Pretty good for less than three months playing…..

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