Nov 202012

We’ve got more of these Ingress Activation Codes to give away.  This time we only have two more to give away and the contest will last two days hopefully giving a couple lucky people a great Thanksgiving day gift of Ingress.

Make sure that you haven’t already sign up for an invite at and/or

Don’t have Twitter? If you don’t have Twitter but follow us on Google+ Just put “Google+” in place of your Twitter Username and we’ll verify if you are picked as a winner.  Please make sure that the name you use matches your name on Google+.  Also for the “Tweet about this contest” all you have to do is publicly post about the contest with a link to it somewhere on the web and provide us a link in the tweet URL field.

We will be verifying all winners, we had someone picked in the last contest that couldn’t be verified so we had to pick another winner. Make sure you fill out all the information and do what is asked.

Also the Tweet about this contest can be done twice (once each day) so make sure you come back tomorrow.

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  74 Responses to “More Ingress Activation Codes to Give Away”

  1. Big fan of Enlightenment, me…

  2. Can’t wait to get an invite!

  3. Viva la Resistance 🙂

  4. Meh, will give it another shot… :p

  5. Definatly the Resistance !

  6. Enlightened!

  7. I think I’ll be Enlightenment

  8. I’m thinking Enlightened. 😀

  9. I’m going to play Enlightened for sure! I’m a scientist!

  10. I am of he Enlightened. I will assist mankind in receiving the gifts from the Shapers.

  11. I will probably be playing as enlightenment

  12. Undecided, the husband and I are still discussing about it! Likely Enlightened.

  13. SO have to get in on the game before my husband! Please help me do this!!

  14. I’ll be joining the underdogs in my area, whoever that turns out to be. Viva la underdogs!

  15. I’m going to join the Resistance………………….

  16. I NEED this! My husband just received a code and I really would like to play along with him!

  17. I want to join the Resistance I think!

  18. I’ve been waiting for two weeks for access!! I want one!!!!!!!

  19. I’m going to join the Resistance for sure

  20. Interesting 🙂 I’m going to join the enlightenment …

  21. This thing looks pretty interesting

  22. I need IT!!1

  23. I will probably be playing as enlightenment. Me and my friends will own our city!

  24. Viva la Résistance

  25. Can’t wait to join the enlightened!

  26. Why I think Google is awsome 🙂 : 1. Apple sucks (who removes Google maps??) 2. Android is the best thing out there 3. Jelly beans r my life now 🙂 4. Now they made an awesome game (I watched the trailer four times now :/) I don’t care how long it will take to get my code 🙂 if it takes more than a month my rating is just gonna drop a star 🙁 Can’t wait to rate this again when I play the game 🙂 I mean.. Fight the resistance :p

  27. I’ve been obsessing over getting an invite. Hope I win!

  28. I’m eager to see what the hype is about. I enjoy walking, it’s helped my health. I hear that getting out is a part of this game, and that sounds like it’s right up my alley! Literally.

    Viva la resistance!

  29. Been looking for an invite for the past several days. Not much of an artist but I do have a family of three Android phones that, once all activated, will be able to join in the struggle for humanities future!

  30. Enlightened > *

  31. Why do I have to leave a comment? Is this SEO gaming or what?

  32. Pick me!!! 😀

  33. resistance!

  34. Je veux être un illuminésmeuuuu !!

  35. Help me, you are my only hope

  36. Itching for an activation code!!

  37. Here’s hoping!

  38. Hi, my name is Werner Brandes. My voice is my passport. Verify Me

  39. The Enlightened shall take this world.

  40. I really want that ingress activation code!

  41. I’d love an invite!

  42. sweet!

  43. I wish i win this code

  44. Heres hopping

  45. Hope I get an invite!

  46. Looking forward to playing!

  47. Really would love to get an invite, I’ve been enticed by this game since I first heard about it.

  48. Come on Daddy needs that code!!

  49. I hope I win but I’m also going to look for other ways to get in.

  50. Resistance!

  51. Resistan e!

  52. Oh god I can’t wait for this game.

  53. Hoping to get my code…!

  54. Hey i wanna win an invite too!!!

  55. The resistance need my help, my university has been infected by the enlightened!

  56. Been looking for an invite!

  57. Need.Code.Now

  58. I need the activation code please help

  59. resistance forever….!!

  60. enlightened FTW

  61. I hope invitations come to Lithuania, becous this aplication is wonderful. Maybe i’ll get activation code:)

  62. Yea I’d love if someone could hook me up with a activation code.please…

  63. I would love to get a activation code since I switched over to android just for ingress

  64. hi there! hope i can get an activation code!

  65. please activation code! i would like to join the Enlightened!

  66. By the power of my ancestors i promise to fight till death Mouhahamouahahaha…
    You! code,you are my ticket.Show me the way throught the path of mystery.Come to meeeeee.I as a future Enlightened, i will give my strenght and mind for the resistance.The enemy shall fall!

    • oh just delete this comment i dont even knew how naive i am sorry.I just want it so badly that i ahhhhhhh whatever.please let me join the resistance and fight the enlightened thank you very very much.

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