Feb 162016

Creating a Portal - Portal Submission in Ingress

Since it has been a long time since some of these pages have been updated we have begun going through and updating the pages on our site with more up to date and accurate information.  The first page we updated was the page on Creating a Portal in Ingress. Here are a list of the updates we made:

  • Updated the main page with the the information that currently you cannot make any new  submissions for Portals. As of September 2015 there is a temporary suspension on new portal submissions while they continue to process and evaluate the backlog of current submissions.
    • You will no longer see the NEW PORTAL option when long pressing on the Scanner.
    • There is no date set currently for when submissions will open back up.
  • We created a new Portal Criteria page with additional information on ideal portal locations including:
    • A location with a cool story
    • A place in history or has educational value
    • A cool piece of art or unique architecture
    • A hidden gem or hyper-local spot
    • Public libraries
    • Public places of worship
  • The Portal Criteria page also includes some Portal DON’TS when creating a portal:
    • Locations with NO safe pedestrian access
    • People, body parts, live animals – Just do not
    • Natural features (rivers, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, etc.) – This does NOT include plaques or signs near natural features
    • Candidates that are NOT permanent – this includes seasonal displays
    • Please do not submit photos that you did not take yourself (pulled from a 3rd party source)
    • No private residential property – this includes farms
    • Do NOT interfere with fire stations, police stations, or hospitals
    • No primary or secondary schools
  • Finally we introduced another new page for Tips and Tricks on creating a portal in Ingress.  Some of these Tips include:
    • Provide a detailed title
    • Provide a description that accurately represents the portal and explains why it is a good location
    • Take a clear photo
    • Ensure the location is correct

Hopefully you find this information helpful when creating a portal in ingress.  

Feb 042016

So as promised here is the new poll to replace the poll from last year.  Keeping with the same subject matter we want to now know what was your favorite part of Ingress from playing last year?

Was it attending anomalies, following the storyline, attending local events, the local community or just playing the game?  Whatever it was we want to know!  

You can vote below or on the right side of any page on the website.   Continue reading »